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Johan reminisces about the good old days when he was in front of the camera when his role of cameraman in the new `An American in Prague` is finally revealed in this final installment of the new film.  Very modestly, he decides that when he and Chance were filming their final scene, things were much wilder and less `boring`.Rising to the challenge the boys decide to prove old Johan wrong in his judgment and commence round 2 with Mick, where Gino and Kevin join forces in topping Mick.
An American in Prague
Kevin Warhol, Gino Mosca, Mick Lovell
The finale of `An American in Prague` brings us back full circle to where we started our adventure with a 2 part special with Mick, Kevin and Gino.The boys start off showing Mick a bit more of glorious Prague, the Summer Palace, Prague Castle, Charles Bridge and Old Town before heading back home to continue the adventure.
An American in Prague
Kevin Warhol, Gino Mosca, Mick Lovell
Night scenes offer us a chance to film with a much more romantic feel to a scenes and in this penultimate scene to An American in Prague, the 3D remake we have our American star teamed up with relative newcomer, Rick Lautner.Mick is showering at the end of a busy day, towels off and is ready for bed, only to find his bed occupied by naked and compliant Rick, ready to prepare Mick for a good nights sleep.
An American in Prague
Mick Lovell, Rick Lautner
After their tryst together, Kevin takes Mick home to introduce him to Adam and Phillipe.  After sending Kevin off to make them all coffee the 2 amorous boys try to take advantage od Kevin`s absence to get their hands on Mick for themselves.Luckily for Kevin an open windows lets him in on their plan and he is able to rush back to `save` Mick.
With their plans foiled, Phillipe and Adam run off to have some fun of their own.
An American in Prague
Phillipe Gaudin, Adam Archuleta
George was a little disappointed with Luke`s choice of sofa for this scene, (in fact it was called the world`s most ugly sofa) but at least any sofa is made more attractive by the inclusion of Kevin and Mick, and this particular one needed a lot of help.
The scene starts with a short version of the photosession we premiered last week, and without much ado the boys are soon running off to the shower but get distracted on the way.  First Mick flips Kevin upside down on the sofa for some eager rimming and then fucking and then Kevin getting his chance to top Mick.It doesn`t seem like either of them made it to the shower as they intended at the beginning of the scene
An American in Prague
Kevin Warhol, Mick Lovell
We are going a little out of order today with our update of the interview/chatdocumentary between Kevin and Mick.  For the internet version we have created a longer edit for you and decided to present it as a stand alone piece of content.  In the DVD version it is just a couple minutes as a prelude to the 2 guys scene together
An American in Prague
Luke Hamill, Kris Evans, Dolph Lambert, Kevin
We continue our screening of the 3D remake of `An American in Prague` this week with a scene with Jean-Daniel Chagall and Kris Evans.This scene is One of Two that are included in the timeline of the story for the online version and will appear as a bonus on the DVD version.
An American in Prague
Kris Evans, Jean-Daniel
I`m not sure what poor Gino thought when Kevin ran off with Mick, leaving him tied up to the bed.
Luckily for Gino (or maybe luckier for Jim) Jim Kerouac turns up like a knight on a white horse to save the day (or take advantage of the situation, depending on which way you want to look at it)
An American in Prague
Gino Mosca, Jim Kerouac
After meeting Kevin at home, Mick finally makes it to the studio to make himself at home.  The only problem is that there is so much sex going on, it is hard for Mick to find an empty room
An American in Prague
Lukas Ridgeston, Luke Hamill, Kris Evans, Col
We`ve had to wait a while for this, but finally we are starting the online series of `An American in Prague: The 3D remake`
This online version will differ slightly in content from the eventual DVD version with the inclusion of extra material that will not fit on the DVDs.

It is the day that Mick Lovell is supposed to be arriving from the US, but young Kevin seems to have forgotten about his imminent appearance, and instead is being entertained by Gino Mosca.  For a innocent looking young guy, Gino is pretty sure about what he wants Kevin to do to him.
An American in Prague
Kevin Warhol, Gino Mosca
Today we have another 3D update for you from the newly released movie `Out of control`.  Today`s update features 2 of your favorite Americans, Austin Merrick and Alex Waters together with our home grown star Jack Harrer.For this scene our Canadian crew took the guys to a wake boarding park in South Africa to get the adrenaline pumping and the guys bonding before getting it on together back at the house
Jack Harrer, Alex Waters, Austin Merrick
Today we have the continuation of our scene with Colin and Brady.  Shot on location in South Africa by our Canadian film crew
Colin Hewitt, Brady Jensen
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