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In a bit of a change of format, we have a 2 part scene for you this Tuesday and Thursday.  Today we have 2 of our `veteran` performers together, Rhys and Andre and on Thursday they will be joined by Freshmen, Pip Caulfield.
As production manager, Rhys gets to organise a lot of things just the way he wants them, and this day he wants to get everyone out of the house so he can spend some time alone with Andre.  Although Andre initially seems a little disappointed that he doesn`t get to join the others on their field trip, he soon realizes that Rhys has other plans for him and his dick.
Jambo Africa
Andre Boleyn, Rhys Jagger, Pip Caulfield
Bobby is one of our boys that seems to get sexier and sexier as he gets older.  Luckily for us, his partner in today`s scene also fits into the same category.
We join Jeff Mirren as he goes through his morning rituals, waking, freshening up, making breakfast for his lover and then getting fucked until he soots a literal geyser of cum.  If this isn`t Jeff`s best ever scene, it certainly is his best ever cumshot and it seems he may be taking ejaculatory advice from Adam Archuleta!
Condom Free
Jeff Mirren, Bobby Noiret
Young love is a beautiful thing as we see in today`s update with 2 of our newer models, Matt Thurman and Mario Texiera.  Playful teasing leads to passionate kissing which in turn leads to hot sex.   Both boys love of sex is visible in every part of this encounter with Matt lovingly giving Mario`s hole every bit of attention it deserves with tongue, fingers and cock and Mario showing his appreciation by shooting his load while Matt continues to pound him.
Condom Free
Mario Texeira, Matt Thurman
We know that our Freshmen members have been getting to see Jason Bacall throughout our Viva Colombia series, but we thought it only fair to share him around a bit more, so today we have him here on BelAmiOnline together with Justin Saradon.
If you thought that this pair would be a good match, you were certainly right.  Physically they make a great couple, but it is the chemistry between the 2 of them that really shines here as Jason expresses his desire to be fucked by Justin in every way possible.
Freshmen Tuesday
Justin Saradon, Jason Bacall
Lukas in Love time again this week and today we have our legendary fucker, Brandon Manilow together with steamy blond, Josh Eliot. Both guys hold a special place in the annals of BelAmi, both for their performances and the pleasure they have given everyone.  If anyone wants to see more of them, they are cover boys for Seriously Sexy 1 and 2 respectively.
Lukas in Love
Josh Elliot, Brandon Manilow
I am pretty sure that Christian loves getting fucked as much as well all like watching him get fucked.  Today`s scene is all about our blond hero, as he starts off with Helmut, and ends up getting fucked by Helmut`s cousin, Kieran.
Helmut tried his hardest to get a mouthful of cum from Christian, but Christian is adamant if he doesn`t get fucked, he`s not giving Helmut a drop of his cum.  Luckily for us, Kieran is there to finish the job the Helmut couldn`t!
Condom Free
Helmut Huxley, Christian Lundgren, Kieran Ben
Since it is Rhys` job in the office to make sure that our production schedule runs smoothly, we suppose it is only fair that he is the stand in today to get fucked by Nate when his scene partner fails to show up.
We somehow think that Rhys was missing the perks that come with being a regular model and forgot on purpose to let Nate know that the scene was canceled just so that he could step in and save the day.
For those of you who saw our quickie about Nate`s accident should be reassured of his recovery, as this scene was filmed just a few months after their return.
Condom Free
Rhys Jagger, Nate Donaghy
2 dark haired beauties are the stars of today`s scene.  One Czech, Marc and the other Marc, Hungarian.  This leads to a little confusing situation where we have our on-set translator doing live translations, and us here in the office converting 2 languages into English for you.  Luckily for us, actions speak louder than words and Marc agrees to show Miguel what it will take to get BelAmi to `choose` him to be a model.
Freshmen Tuesday
Marc Ruffalo, Miguel Estevez
June`s installment of our anniversary programming is here and this time we get to feature Arne Coen and Robin Michaux. Of course, this scene is here more for Robin than it is for Arne, but it is also a fact that Arne is also a performer that deserves his own place here too. 
The last time we saw Robin here was back in mid 2016 with <a href='' target='_blank'>this scene</a> with Brian Jovovich.   We hope you enjoy today`s offering as much as you did Robin`s last outing.
Condom Free
Robin Michaux, Arne Coen
This scene is a little special in that we thought we had lost Jim, but after a year and a half he came back and asked if he could do some more work.  Knowing how fond you all are of him, we said yes and paired him up with Hungarian newcomer Raphael. 
Jim spent his 18 month hiatus in the gym working on his body (which always was close to perfection anyhow) but he missed the sense of `family` at BelAmi and was longing to return to the fold.  Let`s see if he hasn`t lost any of his sexual prowess during his time working in a gym....
Condom Free
Jim Kerouac, Raphael Nyon
You may be a little confused (as were we) when in the opening of this scene with Nils and Serge, we actually are waking up Serge and Niall Morris. The confusion however is quickly cleared up when we find Nils in the bathroom getting ready for the day head.
It seems here that Serge has a much higher sex drive than Nial, requiring a good fuck every morning to get the day started well, but Nial is desperately in need of a morning off, so he calls in a favor with Nils to take on the job for him today.Nils does not need asking twice for a chance like this and is more than happy to give Serge his morning dose of dick.
Freshmen Tuesday
Serge Cavalli, Nils Tatum
For a bit of a change this week we have a 2 day Jambo Africa update for you with Justin Saradon and Orri Aasen. From the opening of the scene, you can tell that the boys had a lot of fun playing with their new drone, and it also gives us a great chance to highlight the spectacular Sout African location that we were shooting in.  The scene begins with the boys taking snaps on the beach (a poignant tie-in to our remastered LIL special) but soon moves back to the villa where the action all takes place.  Part 1 has Justin showing Orri how good it can feel with his dick inside, and in part 2, Orri returns the favor.  We`ll leave it up to you to decide who does it better.
Jambo Africa
Orri Aasen, Justin Saradon
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