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You have to give Tom points for bravery. It is a rare newbie who is willing to jump in and be fucked by both Peter and Bastian at the same time, but that is exactly what is in store for him today. We start of with an extended shower opening here as the boys make themselves fresh and clean for the adventures ahead, but it is not long before Tom wants a bit more than just some foreplay in the bathroom. Our director today decided to make it a bit easier for Tom by giving him Bastian as a warm up before setting him to tackle the girth of Peter`s massive dick. All in all, this could be one of the hottest 3ways we`ve seen in a while, and lucky Tom`s ass is the subject of a lot of loving attention from 2 of the biggest cocks around.
Condom Free
Peter Annaud, Bastian Dufy, Tom Rogers
While we know you are all big fans of Jeff, this was one occasion when he was not the most popular boy at the studio.  Niko has turned up for his next training session with his teacher Jeff, only to find Jeff out of commission due to a nasty hangover. We would have had a real issue if Antony was not just hanging around and more than happy to jump into the role of substitute trainer. 
As it turned out we should probably be thankful to Jeff and the combination of Nico and Antony is trues great. Both boys have great physiques, are more than pleasing to look at and are horny as hell.
Condom Free
Antony Lorca, Niko Vangelis
When Marcel has a scene scheduled it seems the only thing that is important enough to him is if his partner has a big enough dick. Today he insists on meeting Bjorn at the train station to `check out his ticket` before he can jump on for the ride. We always thought it was just about the feeling of a big dick in his ass, but it seems that it applies even if Marcel is going to top. While we know that you all enjoy seeing Marcel, our `Kink of Bottoms` getting fucked by everyone (don`t worry, you get that here as well), but we hope you will enjoy this rare outing as a top just as much.
Condom Free
Marcel Gassion, Bjorn Nykvist
It is often very handy that we have several personal trainers amongst our model roster. Whenever a new guy needs some tips and pointers, they always seem willing to help out. The only drawback to this is that the boys always seem to end up trained in something other than bench presses and lunges. Today we have Jeroen coming in for some workout hints from Andrei Karenin, but from the moment he starts changing his clothes, it is evident that he has something else on his mind and despite a few token minutes of `training` Andrei quickly gives in to his desire to be fucked by the hunky Jeroen.
Condom Free
Andrei Karenin, Jeroen Mondrian
While Torsten seems to have an almost universal following here on BelAmi, with Michel the audiences seem to be a little more divided, but generally in his favor. 
Today`s scene is one of domestic bliss where Michel is busying himself taking care of his treasured house plants when Torsten comes to him expressing his need for a little tender loving care as well. I`m pretty sure it was unintentional, but it seems like both boy`s underwear is trying to tell us something. Have a look for yourself to find out their message. 
Michel is the bottom in today`s scene and it quickly becomes evident that it is not only Torsten who is being taken care of.
Freshmen Tuesday
Torsten Ullman, Michel Seberg
There`s no fumbling around with storylines in today`s update, the first part of a classic 2way with Jean-Daniel, Tom Pollock and Rhys Jagger.  At the time of the filming of this clip, all 3 of the guys were working in our offices, Rhys in Bratislava and the other pair in the Prague office. Apart from each having great bodies and handsome looks, they also have fairly similar tastes, enjoying working out and also having a few beers together, so there is a camaraderie that exists here.
Each day features 2 tops and 1 bottom. On day 1 we get to see Tom as the lucky bottom, and on day 2 the privilege goes to Jean-Daniel.
Condom Free Archive
Jean-Daniel , Tom Pollock, Rhys Jagger
If Niall seems fairly convinced here that he is still too worn out by the previous evening`s escapades to be able to get a boner he certainly hasn`t experienced Bruce`s superpower `the instant erection` before. There is something charmingly romantic about this pairing of guys, sweetly innocent and yet highly sensual at the same time, the sex moves from gentle and seductive, picking up pace until they reach intense and erotic.  Bruce is the first to cum, shooting his load into his waiting lovers` hole before Niall happily feeds Bruce his load to wrap up this morning sex session.
Condom Free
Niall Morris, Bruce Querelle
We gave you the heads up on this episode a few week ago and you seemed to react quite positively.  While we are sadly coming to the end of our material with Tim, George has followed his custom of hoarding the best scenes of special models for last.  Hopefully this will keep his fans happy for a while.
Today’s scene has an unusual dynamic: Tim as the more worldly, jaded, perhaps slightly cynical veteran is persuaded by the fresh, honest, perhaps slightly naïve Tommy into being his trainer.  Fortunately, Tim’s cynicism is no match for Tommy’s charming, goodhearted village boy nature and his eagerness to learn.  Plus, a great ass is always persuasive.  For a completely different Tommy and Tim scene…. <a href='' target='_blank'>HERE</a>
Freshmen Tuesday
Tim Campbell, Tommy Poulain
It`s time to celebrate. Even if this video was shot just after Dylan`s birthday, it seems like we are the ones who get the birthday present here.Showing a hot video of himself jerking off with some of his friends and that is an obvious turn-on for Peter and the pair get quite worked up. After a while Jeroen comes to the room and the fling starts to turn into a full fledged fuck session. Dylan and Jeroen are flip flopping here and Peter joins in with his XXL dick to top them both. This 'big dick threeway' is full of sexual attraction and energy and we would expect nothing less than that when you put these three boys together.
Condom Free
Dylan Maguire, Peter Annaud, Jeroen Mondrian
Let`s hope that Rick`s ass remembers it`s double penetration from a couple weeks ago, as he is back this week taking on one of the `biggest` boys that we have, Raf Koons.
Raf invites Rick over on the pretense of needing help moving a sofa, but it is evidently clear that it was not really what he had on his mind. Raf seems very taken with Rick`s ass in this clip, spending precious few minutes on anything else other than playing,with, rimming and then fucking it.  As you would expect, Rick has no problems with Raf`s extra large cock and enjoys 15 minutes of the best fucking he`s ever had.
Condom Free
Raf Koons, Rick Palmer
Raoul Vargas is with us today being trained by Antony Lorca.  It is a bit of a different style of video than normal as it was shot for us by guest director Vlado Iresch. The sex itself is not quite what we expected from this `training` session.  At times it verges on a little animalistic, even primitive where the only objective is pleasure for both guys.
Condom Free
Antony Lorca, Raoul Vargas
It seems that Hoyt has made it his life`s mission to try and beat Helmut and Jerome to every guy that he can. and this time it is Pierre Cezanne, who is actually a friend of Jerome`s outside of work.  It also seems that Hoyt thinks that since we let Pierre keep his beard, that it would be OK for him to not shave as well... While we may be OK with his first `mission` we certainly hope that he doesn`t become too attached to the facial hair. 
When it comes to describing the scene, I think that the fact that Hoyt cannot stop playing with his hardon during the interview just about says it all, and sets the tone for the steamy encounter that follows.
Condom Free
Hoyt Kogan, Pierre Cezanne
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