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You don`t need to ask either of these guys twice what you can do to turn them on.  The answer is always swift and confident, even a little bit hungry.
For Marc it is his ear lobes and for Adam, well it is basically everywhere.The sex in this scene is exactly what you would expect from these 2 very experienced lovers: Passionate, confident and erotic.  Adam takes the role of top today as it is his preferred role, and Marc gets to be bottom.... so everyone is happy.
Condom Free
Adam Archuleta, Marc Ruffalo
This clip is certainly one for lovers of fine bodies.  Andrei Karenin`s physique has to rate in our top 10 of all time, so he seemed like the perfect match for aspiring model Steve Skarsgaard.
This is Steve`s scene that he filmed with us and his first as a top.  When he is chatting with Andrei he admits to being quite nervous the first time around as having sex in front of a camera is a lot different than having sex for fun. We know that Steve`s haircut here may be a bit `leonine` for some of you, but this Freshmen Tuesday clip is more about the bodies, so we hope you will enjoy it.
Freshmen Tuesday
Andrei Karenin, Steve Skarsgaard
We have a real treat for you today as part of our Helmut Huxley special.  A legendary 3way with Helmut, Hoyt and Phillipe Gaudin.  It gets harder and harder to drag Phillipe away from his job as production manager, but sometimes the temptations are just too great, and I think that there is not a guy on the planet who would be able to refuse an invitation to fuck either Helmut or Hoyt, and both of them together is the porn equivalent of Adam refusing the apple from Eve.
Day one is all about fucking Phillipe and on day 2 it is Helmut`s turn to be pleasured.
Condom Free
Phillipe Gaudin, Hoyt Kogan, Roald Ekberg, He
Sometimes reactions to Peter`s peter can range from shock and awe, eager anticipation all the way through to fear of its massive girth. Although this is Raphael`s first encounter with Peter, it is certainly not his first encounter with a massive dick. Even so, you will notice that Peter makes sure that Raphael is totally turned on and engaged before revealing his big surprise. We truly this that there is something in this scene for everyone, romantic seduction, expert cock sucking and rimming and a generous helping of solid fucking. The icing on the cake though has to be the 2 huge and creamy cumshots, one all over in Raphael`s ass, and the other all over Peter`s face.
Condom Free
Peter Annaud, Raphael Nyon
Every now and then, Marty`s wry sense of humor can leak it`s way into a clip, and the introduction to this scene is one of those cases, when he offers to organize the best oral that the boys have ever experienced.
Once we get past Marty`s little jest however we are left to see what our 2 blonds can do for us today.  Jerome is definoitely in his `tender lover` mood with Henrik here and he takes the lead right from the start, with Henrik being left to enjoy every bit of the foreplay. When we get to the fucking though Jerome manages to work up quite a sweat while delving deep into Henrik.
Freshmen Tuesday
Jerome Exupery, Henrik Bjorn
Today we have a treat for all you jock lovers. Zac DeHaan and Brian Jovovich star in the scene that we filmed for you in Cape Town.  There is not a lot of talking going on here as the boys don`t share a common language, but their appreciation for each other is certainly shown in many other ways.  Luke is our camerman this time and he has given us a nice, and interesting opening, with a lot of interesting shots and close ups.  Overall a great scene and especially if you like the bigger boys.
Condom Free
Zac DeHaan, Brian Jovovich
Some things are worth waiting for, and Dylan Maguire is definitely one of those things.  Jeroen has been left at home all day alone and is so horny by the time Dylan arrives that we were almost guaranteed that this scene would be a hot one.
One thing we can certainly say about Dylan, is that he never does anything by half.  Whether it be work, play, getting in trouble or making love, he is always 110% invested.  Jeroen is one of our boys who has definitely grown into his role as a porn star, and with each scene he becomes more at ease with enjoying himself sexually in front of the camera.
Condom Free
Dylan Maguire, Jeroen Mondrian
Something about this clip tells me that Bobby is not at all interested in how soil erosion affects the welfare of local fish stocks, and luckily for us, his rather direct approach soon pushes these thoughts from Alec`s mind as well.
Both of our boys today are not what we would classify as regulars so it is some nice variety to see them paired up together today in what turned out to be a surprisingly hot encounter.  Alec is the bottom here today and it is evident that he ends  up enjoying it so much that he completely forgets about the fate of the poor fishermen (well, almost....)
Freshmen Tuesday
Bobby Noiret, Alec Morrison
We kick off our Helmut Huxley special with his scene with Jarrod Lanvin.  This is not the first time Jarrod has had sex with a guy, or even the first time he has had sex with Helmut, but it is his first sex in front of the camera.  Luckily both guys manage to pretend that the cameras were not even there and we get a personal and intimate look into the guys sex life. Coming up next week we will Helmut`s interview, then a 2 day special with Hoyt and Phillipe.  I think this is probably Jarrod`s best scene yes even though it is his first, so we hope you enjoy.
Condom Free
Helmut Huxley, Jarrod Lanvin
Life is full of hard choices for Christian Lundgren, but either going to the gym, or getting fucked by Torsten is not one of them.  After rushing Jerome out of the apartment the guys waste no time in getting to the real business of the day: making love.
Christian loves guys paying attention to his ass, and no-one knows this better than Torsten, so, instead of his usual oral seduction, he heads straight down for an extended rimming session as foreplay.  
Our scene today is urgent, passionate and erotic and I`m guessing the guys gave Luke, our director here, a very easy job with this scene.
Condom Free
Torsten Ullman, Christian Lundgren
Today`s clip shows us that the BelAmi boys are no strangers to impatience when it comes to sex.  Claude Sorel is nervously waiting for his date to arrive and can`t help but phone up when he is a little late... just to make sure everything is still on track (although it could equally be that he is just so horny that he can`t wait).  We have not seen Claude here in a little while, and his charming smile and good looks are always a welcome addition to any Tuesday.  Claude is the top for today`s scene which was filmed for us again by Vlado Iresch,
Freshmen Tuesday
Claude Sorel, Michel Seberg
It was always going to be a hard choice for us selecting our favorite Ariel flip flop scene to include in this special as they are all so good. 
 In the end we chose one where he is paired up with one of our younger guys, 
Bastian Dufy.  Both are passionate and energetic lovers equally at home being top of bottom.
In part 1 Ariel is the topping his younger buddy and on Saturday the roles are reversed.  
For those of you who want to get to know Ariel more intimately, 
he can be found online at BelAmiChat quite often.. You have to get in early though as he is (for good reason) very popular.
Condom Free
Ariel Vanean, Bastian Dufy
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